Welcome to Liolios Group

Liolios Group is a comprehensive financial communications firm focused on micro to mid-cap companies across a broad range of industry classifications. We provide a full suite of investor relations services that encompass high-level capital markets consulting, strategic messaging, industry expertise and crisis communications.

Clients find our turnkey approach unique and critically valuable as they explore ways to maximize their equity and company profile.

We combine deep capital markets expertise gained from years of Wall Street experience with extensive investor relations and strategic messaging capabilities.

Liolios Group is a highly selective and comprehensive investor relations firm specializing in micro to mid-cap companies across a wide range of industries. Founded in 1999, we offer our clients a total solution that encompasses high-level capital markets consulting, strategic messaging, industry expertise and crisis management. Our global client base finds our comprehensive approach unique and critically valuable as they explore ways to maximize their equity and company profile.

  • Cogent Story
  • Extensive Due Diligence
  • Alternative Metrics
  • Collateral Materials
  • Perception Study
  • Peer Group Analysis
Given our extensive experience in investor relations, equity research and portfolio management, we understand the minds of Wall Street and will communicate the key metrics that most effectively tell your story.
  • Extensive Investor Database
  • Long-term Relationships
  • Global Non-deal Road Shows
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • Cross Holdings Report
Our team leaders each have 12-15 years of experience in investor relations, providing an established gateway between your company and investors that is supported by major influencers in the financial community.
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  • Premium Valuations
  • High-Quality Shareholder Base
  • Properly Managing Expectations
  • Clear & Consistent Messaging
  • Realistic & Achievable Guidance
  • Increased Visibility
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Premium valuations and a high-quality shareholder base are achieved through persistent and well-targeted delivery of your message.

Why We Do It

As former portfolio managers, analysts and bankers, our professionals have a passion for unlocking value in small to mid-cap companies. We believe the small to mid-cap universe encompasses unique stories that are largely underfollowed by Wall Street. Our role is to be the gateway for our clients to the institutional investment community as they execute on their business model and command a superior market valuation.

Focused Approach

There are three integral parts to every successful Liolios Group partnership: the "Right" Message, the "Right" Audience, and "Execution." Clients find the successful achievement of these three principles maximizes value for their shareholders.

Concentrated Team

Liolios Group operates as a highly selective team that conducts a tremendous amount of up-front due diligence before every potential client. The result: a truly comprehensive and focused engagement. Liolios Group clients interact with our team of professionals that each bring valuable and real-world expertise to the many objectives encountered in the investor relations process.


Liolios Group believes we should be held accountable for our performance and will prepare quarterly progress reports and market evaluations that address client goals and objectives. Our clients find these reports provide invaluable insight into the effectiveness and reach of their proactive investor relations campaign.

Investor Relations is not an event — it's a process. Liolios Group's core services can be categorized into three competencies:

More than Investor Relations —
Capital Markets Consulting.

In today’s marketplace, companies are increasingly competing for investors’ capital and mindshare, and we believe the term “Capital Markets Consulting" better describes our services.

Liolios Group executives provide a gateway between our clients and the investment community, built upon comprehensive services beyond traditional investor relations, including strategic advisory, IPO positioning, perception studies and transaction communication.

Key Ingredients Include:

  • Conducting extensive due diligence prior to engagement
  • Leveraging our proprietary investor database to facilitate introductions
  • Scheduling road shows
  • Procuring invites to investor conferences
  • Identifying alternative metrics on which to value your business
  • Providing quarterly progress reports and market evaluations measuring client goals and objectives

How Effectively Do You Communicate Your Story?

A well-told story is the lifeblood to a company's investor following. With proven experience in journalism and corporate communications, Liolios Group's production team helps companies effectively position their stories through a variety of channels.

Materials Used to Assist:

  • Corporate profile
  • Investor presentation
  • Press releases
  • Pre-earnings call surveys
  • Earnings scripts
  • IR website coordination

Consistent Messaging in Challenging Situations.

Liolios Group brings a methodical approach towards the assessment of a company’s vulnerability during times of crisis. We begin with the formation of a proactive strategic communications program targeted at major stakeholders and the sell-side community. We then conduct simulations of the plan to help further refine the message and instill confidence throughout the team. And when crisis situations do arise, we work alongside management to execute upon the plans and procedures put in place. We find this proactive stance during times of crisis mitigates adverse effects to a client’s reputation and financial position.

Crisis Situations Handled:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Management changes and resignations
  • Executive transitions
  • Activist shareholders
  • Corporate downsizing
  • Corporate re-branding
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Hostile tender offers

We provide Canadian issuers with comprehensive cross-border IR solutions

Our Offering

An effective capital markets strategy should target investors on both sides of the border in order to maximize awareness, breadth of ownership and trading liquidity. But navigating the broader capital markets can be daunting without a trusted partner. This is where we can help. Liolios Group provides Canadian issuers with extensive outreach capabilities in the U.S. and Canada, coupled with proven capital markets advisory and core IR services. Our Canadian clients are served by our Toronto office, as well as by our U.S. based sector specialists and capital markets professionals.

How We Are Different

For Canadian issuers, we differentiate ourselves by providing a full-service, cross-border IR platform:

  • Comprehensive coverage of Canadian buy-side and sell-side audiences for small and mid-cap companies by our team of experts in our Toronto office
  • Unparalleled access to U.S. buy-side and sell-side institutions that leverages the experience of our U.S. based sector specialists
  • Proven expertise in assisting clients with the U.S. listing process
  • A team of experienced capital markets professionals to help you craft your message and navigate the capital markets
  • Our annual Gateway Conference for clients to gain exposure to a broad North American investor and analyst audience

Liolios Group has represented more than 200 small to mid-cap global companies in a wide array of industry verticals.

  • Business Services
  • Clean Technology
  • Consumer / Internet Retail
  • Digital Media / Software
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • International Clients
  • Natural Resources / Special Situations
  • REITs
  • Technology

  • Testimonials

“Reflecting back on our engagement, it is clear to us that Liolios Group has unparalleled institutional contacts within the small cap universe. They provided a detailed campaign not usually consistent with an outsourced solution. I would highly recommend Liolios Group for a company's investor relations program.”

Frank Henigman
CFO, Rubio's Restaurants

“The Liolios Group is really great and, depending on where a company is in their business posture, they can benefit tremendously from their skills and personnel. Diedrich’s shareholders were the real winners and our management was able to focus relentlessly on the business while Liolios Group did their thing. I would be delighted to tell our story to anybody who was considering Liolios.”

Tim Ryan
Former Vice Chairman, Diedrich Coffee

“Based on a solid recommendation from our investment banker and top shareholders, in May 2011 we engaged Liolios Group to develop a new investor relations program. From outset we were impressed by their effort to create a well defined, accountable process, and this formed the foundation for what eventually proved to be a very effective IR campaign.”

Ross Tannenbaum
Chief Executive Officer, Dreams

Gateway Conference Website: www.gateway-conference.com

About the Gateway Conference

The annual Gateway Conference provides institutions, portfolio managers, analysts and brokers with a unique opportunity to gain insight into small-cap growth companies from a broad range of industries, from Business Services, Clean Technology and Consumer & Retail to Digital Media & Software, Life Sciences, Natural Resources and Technology.

The conference features presentations, Q&A sessions and one-on-one meetings with management.

Conference Format

  • 20 min. presentation with 5 min. Q&A session
  • One-on-one meetings coordinated by Liolios Group

2014 Gateway Conference Recap

More than 320 institutional investors, analysts, money managers and other key members of the investment community attended, which generated 788+ one-on-one meetings. This was a dramatic increase compared to the 620 one-on-ones last year and 400 one-on-ones in 2012. We kicked off the conference with a new IPO Readiness Panel.

Click to see videos or photos from our latest conference.

2014 Conference Book

The conference book is available here.

2013 Gateway Conference Recap

More than 50 publicly-traded companies presented, and 300+ institutional investors, analysts and money managers enjoyed more than 600 one-on-one meetings with senior management, in addition to the well-attended opening and closing receptions.

2013 Conference Book

The conference book is available here.

2012 Gateway Conference Recap

Nearly 50 publicly-traded companies presented, and 250+ institutional investors, analysts and money managers enjoyed more than 400 one-on-one meetings with senior management, in addition to the well-attended opening and closing receptions.

2012 Conference Book

The conference book is available here.

Archived Conferences

Gateway Conference Website: www.gateway-conference.com

Gateway Conference Videos